Implementing the Paris Agreement and Building Ambition: Roundtable with the Hon Al Gore, Report co-author (and event organiser), University of Melbourne, July 2017.

Briefing Papers

Indonesia’s Electricity and Land-Use Plans, Briefing Paper, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI), University of Melbourne, 2018 (Draft). 

The Paris Agreement and South Africa’s Just Transition, Briefing Paper, MSSI, University of Melbourne, March 2018.

Opportunities and Challenges for Canada to Exceed its Paris Agreement Target, Briefing Paper, MSSI, University of Melbourne, August 2017.

Opportunities for a Low Pollution Economic Recovery in Brazil, Briefing Paper, MSSI, University of Melbourne, May 2017.

A New Starting Point: China’s Eco-civilisation and Climate Action Post-Paris, Briefing Paper, MSSI, University of Melbourne, June 2016.

Philippines Climate Change Agenda: High Vulnerability! High Ambition?, Briefing Paper, MSSI, University of Melbourne, April 2016.

India’s Rapid Transition: The Modi Government’s Climate Change and Development Plan, Briefing Paper, MSSI,  University of Melbourne, November 2015.

Opinion Pieces

‘Canada Should Tackle a Tougher Climate Target’, The  Hill Times (Ottawa), 20 September 2017.

‘Trump’s Political Climate’, Pursuit (Melbourne), 5 June 2017.

China Moves towards Ecological Civilisation, Australian Institute of International Affairs (Canberra), 24 August 2016.

‘Eco-civilization Could Help World Meet Paris Targets’, Chinadialogue (in English and Chinese), 9 August 2016.

‘On Alert: the Philippines and Climate Change’, Pursuit (Melbourne), 7 April 2016.

‘Beyond Paris’, Pursuit (Melbourne), 14 December 2015.

‘Why India Needs to Join a Paris Climate Deal, Newsweek (The US and Europe), 4 December 2015. 

‘Comment: Climate Change and Modi’s ‘Modern’ India’, SBS News (Australia), 1 December 2015.

‘India Builds for Future with Climate Plan’, Pursuit (Melbourne), 26 November 2015.

‘India is Focused on Energy and Poverty, But it can Still Sign a Global Climate Deal’, The Conversation (in English and French), 25 November 2015.

‘India Update: Rapid Transition on Climate?’, Paris Climate Summit: University of Melbourne Blog, 23 November 2015.


‘Opportunities for Collaboration in the Land Sector between Brazil and Indonesia’, Implementing the Paris Agreement – Issues and Opportunities for Australia: Roundtable with Australia’s Ambassador for the Environment Patrick Suckling, University of Melbourne, 30 August 2016.

‘Examining the Eight Countries Key to Achieving a 1.5C Paris Agreement: Political and Policy Directions’, Presentation and Roundtable Discussion on Global Climate Politics after Paris (with Prof Robyn Eckersley, Prof Peter Christoff and Prof Matt McDonald), Seventh Oceanic Conference on International Studies, University of Queensland, 5 July 2016.

‘Examining the Eight Countries Key to Achieving a 1.5C Paris Agreement: Political and Policy Directions’, The Second International Young Scholars Forum, School of Atmospheric Science, Sun Yat-sen University, China, 18-19 June 2016.

‘Co-panel Chair on Environmentalism and Health in China’, The Fifth Oxford Young Scholars Conference on Contemporary China: Continuity and Reform, University of Oxford, 24 June 2016.

‘What China’s Eco-civilisation Could Mean for Climate Change’, Special Roundtable Discussion on Governance in China after Mao (with Prof Rana Mitter), University of Oxford, 23 June 2016.

‘The Countries Key to a 1.5C Paris Agreement’, Climate Conversation Series, University of Melbourne, 17 May 2016.

‘India’s Likely Position at the Paris Climate Talks’, Paris and Beyond, Climate Change Policy Challenges and Priorities: Roundtable with the Hon Al Gore, University of Melbourne, 27 July 2015.

Don Henry discussing the Briefing Paper on ‘India’s rapid transition’ with the Hon Al Gore at COP21 held in Paris in 2015. 
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